Poems for the Wedding Couple


I write personalized poems in honor of the wedding couple and in praise of the wedding day, and present them in the Wedding Poem Album at the reception.

Wedding poems celebrate and reflect the love, honor, and respect offered by the newlyweds in their wedding vows.

Poems reflect the giver's most sincere wishes for the newlyweds without rhyme, cliché, affect or sentimentality.

A poem or song written to celebrate a marriage, or a nuptial ode, is called an epithalamium (ep-uh-thuh-LEY-mee-uh m).

Relieve yourself and your guests of the writing task by allowing me to assist you. I work with both bride and groom in creating personal tributes to be read at the reception.

A Chorus of Angels. Imagine a group of children assembled before your wedding table taking turns reading their poems in your honor.


Poems from Wedding Guests

Beginning early at the invitation process, we invite your guests, friends, and family to create their own poems in honor of the wedding couple.

You and your spouse may also create poems for each other.

Your guests create their wedding poems for you, by completng this Poem Order Form at least two weeks prior to the wedding day.

* Guests answer questions about the bride and groom's passions, visions, activities, and personal interests. Using these responses, I write hand-crafted wedding poems from each participating guest.

* Guests will have the opportunity to approve or edit and revise their poems prior to the reception.

* On the wedding day, I present selected poems written in honor of the wedding couple and encourage guests and children to present their poems as well.

After the wedding, the wedding poem collection is assembled and formatted to reflect the signature of the wedding invitations and announcements. Wedding poems are then posted online for download as a PDF, available to everyone on the mailing list.

Using my talents as a poet in the classroom, I am especially skilled at collaborating with children to create poetry.

Personalized wedding poems may also be composed at the bachelor party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner.

All information collected, including guests' contact information, is kept confidential.


The Wedding Day Poem

On the wedding day, I arrive appropriately attired, wearing a name tag: "Scott Reid, Wedding Poet" and mingle among guests. This may be done during the photography session, or at the reception line.

Using my notebook, I record guests' responses to a variety questions about the wedding couple. Among these questions, guests may be asked to compare the wedding couple's romance and courtship with images from nature, such as mountains, animals and the ocean.

Responses are sensory-specific, pertaining to sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes that guests have encountered on the wedding day.

Once I have gathered the responses, I type up one poem on the spot reflecting the dreams and visions of the wedding couple.

This unique and interactive Wedding Day Poem and its presentation are integrated smoothly and seamlessly into the day's event.

Final Presentation

After the wedding day, I assemble both the Wedding Day Poem and the individual guest poems into a single PDF file, handsomely formatted for download and keepsake by everyone.


Please contact me for a personal consultation.

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