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Praise for Poetry du Jour

Hi, Scott. Thank you for the poem. I printed it out for the commemoration tomorrow.

We will read the poem to L. and celebrate her. I enjoyed speaking over the black phone. There are more spirits on the other end of the line waiting to be acknowledged as we approach All Saints Day.

I may stop at your table again!! Until then, happy composing.

Lynn W.
Sonoma County, CA
September, 2016

Scott - this is a perfect poem! Thank you so much for sending it, and wishing you the best.

Jill C.
Sonoma County, CA
October, 2016

When I got inside I told my partner about Poetry du Jour, and when she read our poem, she cried.

I told my mom about it over the phone and she thought it was a wonderful thing.

It was such an interesting and poignant hour I spent with you today. I loved that you were stationed there, inviting people to enter a brief collaborative creative process. Not to mention a therapeutic process.

Nina G.
Sonoma County, CA
November, 2016

You were great! Thanks so much for coming. It was a perfect addition to the evening. I hope you get lots of requests.

Dundee B.
Russian River Flower School
Sonoma County, CA
November, 2016

Attached please find the photos I took of you.

And here a haiku:

wave after wave breaks
two eagles high on a rock
breakfast is waiting

Dagmar S.
Berlin, Germany
November, 2016

A friend and I collaborated with Scott on a surprise birthday poem for our husbands who were born on the same date. Scott was so clever and creative with mining information from us and then crafting words that express just the right tone and sentiment. The poem he created is a bit ironic, off-beat, funny and authentic. We can't wait to read it to them on the big day!

Kelly E.
Sonoma County, CA
March, 2017

Scott, thanks for sending this. I really enjoyed reading your writing about your session with Norah. Her grandma truly loves the poem. All the best of luck with your endeavor.

Lauren B.
San Francisco, CA
July, 2017

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