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Wedding Poem Order Form

The Bride and Groom would love to have special poems made for them.

My name is Scott Reid, and I will help you to write a gift poem to give to the wedding couple in celebration of their wedding day.

Your poem comes into being through a collaboration between us; working together, we hand-craft a personalized wedding gift.

Using the information that you provide on the form below, I will compose your wedding poem in the form of direct address: from you to the bride, groom, or both.

Your poem is printed and inserted into the Wedding Poem Album along with poems created by other guests, and given to the newlyweds. You may have the opportunity to read your poem to the wedding couple at the reception.

Children's poems are especially encouraged.

Several children may be asked to present their poems as a group before the wedding table as the "Chorus of Angels."

Please follow this three-step process to create your wedding poem today!

* To get started, complete and submit the Order Form below.

* When you receive your draft poem via email, please review it. If you approve of the poem, reply to the email with "approved" or "edit." If you indicate "edit" in your reply, I will call you to discuss how we might revise the poem to your liking.

The first 25 guests to complete the form will receive a poem. If I recieve more than 25 orders, I will email you that you have been placed on the waiting list.

Start now by creating a snapshot profile of the bride or groom or both.

For any boxes that do not apply or which you wish to skip, enter "N/A."

The more specific details that you provide in your answers, the better your poem.

Let's get started!