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Poetry du Jour Sample Poems

Here are a few sample gift poem collaborations I've composed with guests.

Under the Half Moon

With the absolute
flight of geese,
your oil paint brush
nears the turquoise
color of the sea.

There are birds
in flight,
and waters
that we swim in.

Can't you see
I'm swimming
to Jamaica?
It's almost half-moon.

The taste of cardamom
in ice cream
on your birthday cake
is more pure
than the fragrance
of the sun.

September 2016

Wood to Fire

My crazy pumpkin,
glowing crimson cheerleader
lover of babies and big-hearted animals,
I have wrapped you
in my singing since
your first four years.

Knowing what needs to be
said or done
in a moment, outgoing always—
you compliment
your friends with
the encouragement of
light words of praise
when everything in this world
is reeling helplessly.

Mostly I adore
the sweetness that you give
as freely as sweet
and may your giving that
to your children
complete the destiny
of your life.

September 2016

In Praise of Jess

Jazzy and psychedelic tunes
are your favorite,
your bass guitar line
says that I am your tambourine
when our souls
have been groomed
of longing.

Fragrant patchouli
rattles your studio
when you tell me
that water cannot sleep.

I wish for you
fulfillment and satisfaction,
and may your heart
explode with love
across the universe.
Laugh, Jess,
the eternal laugh.

October 2016

Poem to S

Animation and video
are your passion, Simon,
and I am glad
you have found
your path
in this universe of tight,
confusing atoms
where puppets
cannot dance.

The authentic fragrance
of sassafrass
clings to your hands.

I wish happiness for you,
and I hope that you will stay
in my life
on my journey
to my last breath
of beautiful songs.

October 2016

Adventures of Bat and Hamster

(A poem written in collaboration with children.)


Poem for Kasa

Light painted all the acts
red that night
we flew to our country
of eight islands,
red, so red! my hips, my thighs,
all the way to my ears;
lucky we were
that the blue customs man
didn't see those bumps,
and luckier still,
that Yosano helped us
to the clinic the next morning.

Our visit to the steam bath
at the Ryokan in Unzen
helped to ease our travels,
the highest gift
embracing us like
curtains from the sky.

Your favorite comfort food,
tempura soba
with radish, and sliced green negi
I love to make
to delight you
when you come home
and I hear the jewel
of your voice.

Your ceramic vases,
your pots and lazy cups
line our window seat
like divine treasures
that shine with earth-toned
brightness from your kiln.

Poems rise now
from my hands
like white flocks
of cattle egret
adorned with plumes of light
which I offer you
my beloved.

Scott Reid

Sample Devotional Wedding Poem
December 2016