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Healdsburg Center for the Arts, November 2016
"Art of Gastronomy" opening reception
Photo: John Martin Photography

Herein the reader will find my musings and reflections on the practice of writing gift poems for the public, and for private individuals.

Taking my Smith Corona typewriter, my signs, and my table to public markets, dinner parties, art openings, and oceanside cafés, I compose poetry on the spot for people to give to family and friends.

I compose poems to be presented to the wedding couple on the big day, as well as a special day-of-the wedding poem.

I am available via Skype for consultation. Please email me to order your gift poem today.

All names on these blog entries are changed.

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11 June 2017

The White Horse, the Rainbow, and the Artichoke

At Café Aquatica, Jenner, California

18 June 2017

Typing with Bears

At Café Aquatica, Jenner, California Father's Day Post

24 June 2017

In a Place First Missed

The Calistoga of Sarafornia - A Wedding Poem

16 July 2017

Honey-Jelly and the Green Parrot of South Pasadena

Calling Grandma - Children's Poetry

23 July 2017

The Kayakers of Poetry

A Seaworthy Writing Instructor

12 November 2017

Sonoma County Wildfires: Writing for Relief

The Poet as First Responder