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Poems Created for You
on the Telephone and via Zoom

This process of creating a poem for you to give to your beloved, your friends, family and loved ones can empower you and help you to overcome feelings of isolation.

At the end of the process, you will receive a poem which you can read to your beloved that shows your love and gratitude for them as well as your appreciation for them.

Your poem of gratitude for your beloved is written in your natural speaking voice and uses uses your idioms. The poem reflects your most sincere wishes for your loved one without the use of rhyme, cliché, affect or sentimentality.

When you read your poem to your beloved, watch the facial expressions change!

You can chose from these three ways to begin:

1) Using this order form to tell me a little about the person.

2) Calling me at the number shown below.

3) Sending an email to schedule a meeting via Zoom.

If you use the order form, once I receive it, I will call you to complete the poem on the phone.

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